5 Ways to Protect Your Floors During Construction


If you’re planning a home renovation soon, it’s probably important to protect your floors during construction. Your flooring should last a long time, but paint, debris, and heavy objects cut their lifespan short. Here are some tips for protecting your floors during renovation so you can save time and money instead of replacing them. 


Consider some of the following tips to protect your floors:

  • Floor Coverings- A temporary floor covering is a coherent and inexpensive way of preventing damage to your floors. The following floor coverings are perfect to protect your luxurious floors: Floor cardboard, hardboard, rosin paper, and adhesive floor protection film. 

  • Walking Routes- Before construction begins, make sure to develop a clear walking path to access the areas that are under construction. Follow these steps to develop a safe pathway: make them clear, protect the walkway, and wear shoe coverings.

  • Painters Tape– If you’re using temporary floor coverings, make sure to use blue painter’s tape. It uses medium adhesion and is safe to use on all floor surfaces.

  • Keep the site clean– Floors collect dust and debris, especially with floor coverings. After the end of each construction day, make sure to sweep, mop, or vacuum the areas near the renovation site. It’s important to keep a clean workspace. 

  • Seal the rest of the room- Dust and debris can float from construction sites to your floors and other areas. Besides protecting your floors, you can also cover up other areas of your rooms such as air ducts, doorways, baseboard moldings, and window treatments.

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