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Top 3 Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Top 3 Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring    √ MOISTURE RESISTANT: Luxury vinyl flooring is moisture and water resistant. Meaning that spills won't affect the flooring. It's a great option for those with pets, small children, or high traffic areas such as kitchens, front entrances, and bathrooms.  √ LOW MAINTENANCE: Luxury vinyl flooring is durable

The Top 5 Floors: Basement Edition

Here are the top 5 best basement floors we recommend.  Choosing your basement floors are extremely important. It has to withstand the humidity conditions, walk through traffic, and have an aesthetically pleasing edge to it. Continue reading to discover N.P.N. Flooring recommendations!  LUXURY VINYL FLOORING: A resilient floor that is inexpensive, stylish, and water resistant.

Top 5 Tips To Protecting Your Floors During Home Renovations

5 Ways to Protect Your Floors During Construction   If you’re planning a home renovation soon, it’s probably important to protect your floors during construction. Your flooring should last a long time, but paint, debris, and heavy objects cut their lifespan short. Here are some tips for protecting your floors during renovation so you can

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