Here are the top 5 best basement floors we recommend. 

Choosing your basement floors are extremely important. It has to withstand the humidity conditions, walk through traffic, and have an aesthetically pleasing edge to it.

Continue reading to discover N.P.N. Flooring recommendations! 

    • A resilient floor that is inexpensive, stylish, and water resistant. Vinyl flooring has multiple seams that helps protects against moisture. To learn more about the vinyl options available click the header above. 
    • Ceramic tile is the best of both worlds; it is cost effective, attractive, and dries quickly in the event of spills. The only downside to ceramic tile is that it tends to be colder to the touch. To resolve this, you can install heaters under the tiles for more comfort and warmth.To learn more about the tile options available click the header above. 
    • For all are wood lovers out there: you CAN get wood installed in your basement too! If you wish to have natural wood in your basement, engineered wood is the best choice. It is less prone to damage, offers a variety of color options, and is it water resistant. To learn more about the wood options available click the header above.
    •  Carpeting is a excellent choice if you have little ones that hang out in the basement. It provides warmth and comfort. Although carpeting is a great option to consider there are also some down fall that come with carpet. If your basement has water damage this might not be the right option for you. Carpet dries slowly and can develop mold and mildew. To learn more about the carpet options available click the header above.
    • Laminate floor is an attractive and is an inexpensive budget friendly option. Although laminate is a option that can be added to your basement space. It is safe to consider that laminate is not susceptible to water damage. It swells up and can cause the floor to be completely ruined. To learn more about the wood options available click the header above.

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